Stockholm Gastronomy Conference

BFUF medverkar på den internationella konferensen Stockholm Gastronomy Conference som hålls den 23–26 november. Stina Algotson är med den 25 november under temat ”Advancing the future of higher culinary education”, spår D5.

Preliminary schedule for track D5: The future of higher education
D5:1              10.00–11.30
Pernilla Sandvik – What does an academic education on food and meals bring to the table? 
Åsa Öström– Doctoral education in Gastronomy, Culinary Arts and Meal Science
Daniel Laven – Master of Food City Design – experiences from an international multidisciplinary masters program
Stina Algotson– A research funder’s interest in higher culinary education
Peter Thomelius –The need for competence supply within the Hospitality industry


D5:2              12.30–14.00
Ragnhild Bolin – ”It was the knife that showed the way” – the chef teacher’s ability to transfer their craft knowledge to the pupil
Annika Göran Rodell – Gastronomy as a driver of sustainable societal change
Daniel Östergren – Footprints of Gastronomy: Intertwinement of Higher Education and Practical Experiences Viewed from a Bildung Perspective
Gerrie Du Rand– Transforming the Culinary Arts Curriculum in South Africa: A university case study

Jonatan Leer – Advancing a Holistic Approach to Sustainability in Higher Culinary Education

Mer om hela programmet här.

Foto: Stockholm Gastronomy Conference