Research Projects

ProjectPeriodResearch Organization
Attractive trademarks in the visitor industry – From image to positionMarch 2016 – Feb 2018Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences at the Luleå University of Technology
Eating out – a study of visitors’ activities relating to food and mealsMay 2015 – Mar 2017Umeå University, School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts
Hotels as innovative workplacesJuly 2014 – June 2016The School of Business, Economics and Law, the University of Gothenburg
Inside the black-box: Innovations in the hospitality sectorFeb 2015 – Dec 2016Jönköping International Business School
Key indicators for willingness to pay/tourism elasticityDepartment of Service Management, Lund University
Meal entrepreneurs – from party chefs to gourmet restaurateursJanuary 2013 – January 2015Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science, Örebro University
Mobility and career paths in the Swedish hospitality sectorDalarna University
Place innovations in Swedish LaplandApr 2015 – Mar 2017Luleå University of Technology
Success factors for hospitality sector clustersMarch 2013 – February 2015Jönköping International Business School
The hospitality sector’s rapid growers2013 – 2014HUI Research
The tourist of tomorrow: How should the hospitality sector accommodate the e-generation?April 2014 – March 2016Luleå tekniska universitet
The whys or why nots of visiting a place: the significance of the information sent out that determines the success of an attractionMarch 2016 – Feb 2018Department of Service Management and Service Studies at Lund University
To increase interest in Swedish sports eventsMarch 2016 – Feb 2018Centre for Tourism (CFT) at the University of Gothenburg
When is food worth a journey? A study of culinary tourismMarch 2013 – May 2015School of Business and IT, University of Borås