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On 9 February 2023, the first results of the project were presented at Folk och Kultur in Eskilstuna.

Watch the broadcast here.

The lack of robust statistics for the Swedish event sector makes it difficult to prioritise development and to make political decisions. There is an urgent need for better information and data. During the pandemic, the need for a common approach to describing and developing events in Sweden became even more apparent.

The project Events in Numbers Stage 1 was carried out during the period November 2021–December 2022 with selected sectors from the industry. The focus was on the cultural sector and a limited section of sport.

The organisations Svensk Scenkonst, Svensk Live, Riksidrottsförbundet (RF), Svenska Motionslopp och Idrottsevenemang, Visita and BFUF were behind the project in Step 1. It was co-financed to the level of SEK 1,500,000 by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

Stage 2 aims, based on current conditions, to review the possibility of producing national statistics for the meetings sector and to produce more comprehensive statistics for sport as well.

In October 2022, Tillväxtverket funded Events in Numbers Stage 2 with an additional SEK 1,500,000. The actors in Stage 2 are: Svensk Scenkonst, Svensk Live, Riksidrottsförbundet, Svenska Motionslopp och Idrottsevenemang, Visita, Swedish Network of Convention Bureaus (SNCVB), Göteborg & Co and BFUF. BFUF participates as a neutral platform and coordinates the project.

More about the project
”The points of contact have become clear during the pandemic” – read the interview with Mikael Brännvall, CEO of the industry and employer organisation Svensk Scenkonst, Joppe Pihlgren, CEO of Svensk Live and Stina Algotson, CEO of BFUF, in Besöksliv 23/11/2021 here.

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