Vi publicerar rapporter från avslutade forskningsprojekt och andra projekt där BFUF varit delaktig. Här finns också vårt nyhetsbrev INVIT. Du hittar våra publikationer genom att skriva sökord och/eller välja kategorier nedan.

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INVIT #4 Mars 2023

Let's stay together – The mediating role of self-congruity and place attachment on residents' likelihood to stay

I just work here! Employees as co-creators of the employer brand

INVIT #3 Mars 2023

Access to Nature for Persons with Disabilities: Perspectives and Practices of Swedish Tourism Providers

Access to Nature through Tourism : A Study of Four Perspectives on Inclusive Nature-based Tourism

Action research for digital media innovations: Interventions for destination development

What’s love got to do with it?: Place brand love and viral videos

Places in good graces: The role of emotional connections to a place on word-of-mouth

An image worth a thousand words? Expressions of stakeholder identity perspectives in place image descriptions

Employee perceptions of employers’ creativity and innovation: Implications for employer attractiveness and branding in tourism and hospitality

Co-created employer brands: the interplay of strategy and identity

INVIT #2 Februari 2023

INVIT #1 Januari 2023

INVIT #7 December 2022

INVIT #6 December 2022